Moth and Crow was created by Dawn Smithson, a long time artist and clothing
designer.  Missing the hands-on experience and fed up with designing for the masses,
she set out to build this exclusive luxury brand.

Since turning her skills to accessories, she spends her days studying nature
and coaxing natural materials into the forms they wish to take.  

As different materials are used in each handbag, they are all one of a kind.
Most leathers are sample hides from fine Italian tanneries, which uses up waste
from the leather/apparel industry.
Fabrics and linings are usually vintage and/or upcycled, and other eco-friendly
materials are used when possible.  
Handbags can be made in different colors or leather finishes.
Please send inquiry for special requests.

All "knit" items are hand crocheted, sewn or braided.  Most yarns used are all
natural and they are often undyed or dyed naturally.
Please send inquiry for special color requests.
moth and crow
All products were hand crafted by the designer in Seattle, Washington.

There is a certain freedom of expression that is possible within the structure
of a handbag, a scarf.  Art and function can merge seamlessly to create
a vision of another world...

Photos by Kyle Johnson
Makeup by Erin Skipley